Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 66: Ripping the Stick

With minimal encouragement from Jenna this afternoon, I finally got the RipStick out to have a go. It's  an odd looking contraption that has a rollerblade style wheel mounted on a swiveling caster at each end. With this one, just to make it more interesting, they made it so each end can twist in opposite directions. They're also known as caster boards.

This was the toy that came in the Showbag from the Canberra Show that I shared with Jenna. The sharing worked out pretty well, Jenna got all the lollies (they were gross... only a 10 year old could possibly want them) and I got the cool toy that Jenna didn't want.

Today Jenna was my special guest photographer today and she did a great job capturing the action in this shot, unfortunately she only caught half of my head. It was just before I lost balance and had to casually step off the strange two wheeled contraption. Now that I think about it, perhaps it was fortunate that only half of my head was captured. The facial expression may have been a little different to 'casual' as I was losing balance.

Belinda commented tonight that I was such a Dag playing with kids toys that Henry would think I was a really cool Dad... Not really sure how to take that... or what she meant. Regardless; it was fun and I'll rip this stick again.

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