Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 15: The morning after the night before

Today I slept. A lot.

After checking out of our hotel at 10am and then eating a massive breakfast at the little cafe across the road we made our way back to Casa de Freke where I 'had a little lie down'. Belinda woke me to tell me everyone was going out for lunch and asked if I wanted to come, I declined and immediately fell asleep again waking just before everyone came back from lunch at around a quarter past 3. 

On the way home I realised I hadn't taken a photo for today, Belinda suggested that the cloud formation as we were approaching Goulburn would look good using the 'Drama' effect in Snapseed. I agreed and with minimal effort I had my photo of the day.

The problem with sleeping so much during the day is that when it's time to go to bed you just don't feel that tired. Which is why I'm still blogging at half past 12... I'm off to bed now to see about getting some more sleep.

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