Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6: What lies beneath... the couch

Today we re-arranged the lounge room - for a photo of how it now looks check Belinda's blog:

When we moved the couch we found this little treasure hiding against the skirting board, it was pretty docile and was easy for me to gather up on a piece of paper and put in a container until we'd finished the furniture shuffling.

Once the lounge was sorted I decided the scorpion was a good subject for todays photo and after a few minutes on google I found this is the 'Little Marbled Scorpion' and is very common around most of Australia. They're handy little guests to have in the house as they live on insects and spiders, but as lovely a house guest as the little fellow was I put him out into the front yard after our little photo shoot. 

It was interesting how it's character changed once it was out in the sunshine, it went from being a docile and quite obliging model to a skittish little missile that spun 360 degrees 3 times before bolting for the lavender bush out front.


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  2. Glad you gave it an alternative home :)