Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8: Back on the dirt

It's been a while... in fact the last time I was out on the Dirty Husky was on the 3rd of October last year. The reason it's been so long is because about 10 minutes in to that ride I accidentally rode into a fence which stopped the bike but I kept going... until I hit the ground. The sudden stop when I landed resulted in a fracture to my elbow that has been healing ever since. I didn't know it was fractured at the time and continued to ride for another 6 hours, needless to say I was in quite a bit of pain.

Today when I went out with Pete (yes, the same Pete who bought the Bee), I showed him the fence I ran into, it's the one that the Dirty Husky is leaning against in today's photo. I was sure the fence was far less upright and hidden in the long grass last time I saw it... but that may have been because my bike was lying on top of it at the time.

I'm glad to report that I made it back injury free after a very muggy day out in the forrest, there was rain, a lot of mud, some confusion about where we were and most importantly a great time was had. All in all it was a bloody good day out in the dirt and my elbow coped with the rigors of Tallaganda pretty well.

I hope there will be more posts like this than like yesterday's ironing...

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  1. I don't know - I thought yesterday's post was a good one :-P! Glad you arrived home all bones together and intact.