Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 2: Passing the Bee.

I had mixed feelings today as I delivered the bike above to my good mate Pete, its new owner. The delivery was a family affair with Belinda and Henry coming along to farewell the bike which lead to todays photo being taken by Pete's wife Bron. My hands were a little full with Henry at the time and it's a much nicer pic than the crappy one I took one handed about 30 seconds before. So today, in my second blog entry ever, I've used the services of a special guest photographer. Thanks Bron :)

So why the mixed feelings? I'll share some memories of my time with the bike that became known as the Bee:
- It was the most powerful bike I'd owned with 160hp at the rear tyre which is equal to it's replacement.
- It was the first bike to really scare me with just how fast it can accelerate
- It was the first bike I ever rode on the Phillip Island GP Circuit
- It was the first bike that ever propelled me to just under 300kmh
- I had my first experience on full slick tyres on a race track
- This is the bike that inspired me to give racing a go.

I know Pete's going to love the Bee as much as I have and Bron said I'm allowed to visit if I want. I also know I'll see it again and soon too, Pete & I are booked in for a track day early in February. 

So today there was an ending for me and a new beginning Pete & the Bee.


  1. Very momentous :) Very nice of Pete and Bron to let you visit :P

  2. Wow, that's three blogs to follow now! Excellent - I will follow it with interest. Just as well I didn't start one!