Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 20: Stormy Weather

Who'd have thought the weather man would get it right today? The forecast was for thunderstorms and thunderstorms we did have. It wasn't the most violent of storms but enough thunder to scare my poor old mutt Rex (it doesn't take much for him to be cowering at my feet) and a lightning show that was pretty spectacular... If I'd been better versed in the settings on Belinda's camera I might have been able to catch a rather large lighting bolt that looked to strike just over the back of the houses on the other side of our street. I really do need to upgrade my hand-me-down Canon.

Instead I played with Belinda's Nikon and took a shot of the one of the candles we were forced to use during the 40 minute black out. No internet, no TV and candles to read the Nikon instruction manual by. 'Twas a pleasant evening none the less.

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