Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day 13: Off to Sydney... again

Today's events were so exciting that I had trouble choosing what to put in my blog... I jest.

Another day at the office, another commute on the bike, another viewing of the boat by a prospective buyer and an early knock off to head back to Sydney. This time we're up here for a wedding tomorrow night, should be good.

It was odd though, I got home and Belinda had packed my bag (I still haven't looked in the bag to see what I'll be wearing for the next couple of days...) and then loaded everything into the car ready to get Henry from Day Care and hit the highway. The oddness for me was how empty the boot looked, normally when we're all loaded up it's an effort to close the boot without things falling out.

So today's photo is of the partially full boot. It's about as exciting as my day has been, I'm sure tomorrow will contain more blog fodder.

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