Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 29: It's been a while...

Lamb chops on the Barbie... is there anything better? I've just started salivating again at the thought.

Over the weekend we had our friend Robbie come down from the mountains for a visit, Robbie's a vegetarian and dinner required Eggplant and Zucchini to be barbequed. This prompted a quick trip down to the servo for a swap-n-go gas bottle, the Barbie's been out of action for a while.

Having the new gas bottle christened with a vegetarian dish just didn't seem right to me so tonight I had to set things right. It was straight down to the supermarket for a tray of forequarter for dinner... I was in my own little Lamb lover's paradise.

Robbie's visit was great by the way, it had been ages between catch ups... We love Robbie despite her Vegetarian persuasions, thanks for the visit and don't leave it so long next time :)

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