Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 11: Prancing Puppies

After comparing the excitement of Jenna and Henry seeing each other to that of the dogs when they're let inside for the evening in yesterday's blog entry, I decided I'd try to capture the dogs going nuts tonight... I knew it wasn't going to be easy with the old hand me down Canon donated by Daphne and I was right, the first photo was of the stairs sans dogs, they were just too fast.

Luckily Rex goes a bit more nutso than Milly does and he usually heads back up our 3 steps to bound down them again. On his second run I managed to grab the photo above as he's leaping from the second step.

My best laid plans of capturing both Prancing Puppies in full lunatic mode were dashed when I found that all the photos with both of them were either out of focus or just didn't capture the movement and excitement that happens every night. In hindsight I should have borrowed Belinda's Nikon, it's so much faster than the little point & shoot Canon.

I may end up borrowing the Nikon a little more often throughout the course of the year... Belinda is yet to hear about my cunning plan of SLR snaffling...

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