Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 4: Just another day at the beach

Day 2 at Eden and we went back to the beach again... despite the rain. It only rained a little and Jenna braved the water again which meant I also got wet. Henry had a great time digging in the sand again and he's still a little iffy about the 'waves'. It was pretty funny watching Jenna carry Henry to the water's edge and try to put him down so he could get his feet wet... Henry had different plans and clung to Jenna wrapping his legs around hers and clinging on to her arm in what could only be described as a death grip.

Today's photo is of my two gorgeous ladies and my handsome little bloke looking back to the beach from the water's edge. It was taken shortly after Henry's clinging monkey impersonation. On a calm sunny day the water at mum's place is a beautiful blue and it's clear enough that you can see the bottom from a long way out... today it was still clear, but as it was overcast and windy the water in the background of this photo looks more like Lake Burly Griffin on a good day.

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