Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 16: Child Proofing

Yes, I know. It's a little late to start with the child proofing when your toddler is already 18 months old and has been opening and closing cupboards, not only with uncanny dexterity, but also with a discerning taste for the expensive, fragile and sentimentally important for some time.

Belinda even went to the effort of finding the cordless drill and placing it with the little child proofing hook and latch thingamajigs (that is the technical term) where I wouldn't miss it... on the dining table where my dinner plate goes. So, 3 nights and a weekend away later I have secured the cupboard that contains the good china. I'll be riding these brownie points all the way to easter.


  1. Yes, you may need to do just a couple more odd jobs to get you going til Easter!

  2. Ha ha! A very good thing to do though as these cupboards are like a magnet to Little Man.