Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 3: 3 years and 3 blogs on the 3rd

Today was our 3rd wedding anniversary, it'll be the only one where the number of years will match the date (3 years on the 3rd of Jan) and as this year I'm now doing a blog entry per day it's also my 3rd entry.

3 x Thirds... makes a whole right?

We headed to Eden to visit my mum today so it was a pretty busy morning getting the car packed, cats & dogs organised for 2 nights away, Evo off for service (again), Jenna from her mum's... etc etc etc. By the time we got there it was around 3pm so we headed straight to the beach, while we were there it occurred to me that Belinda's blog and mine will inevitably have some similar posts, particularly when we're away together. In an attempt to keep things a little different between Belinda's blog and mine instead of using a shot of Jenna or Henry playing on the beach I drew the above in the sand and managed to grab the shot just before the water in the lower right washed it away.

It was a lovely way spend out 3rd anniversary, together on the beach in Eden.

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