Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5: Hidden treasures of Nimmitabel

We came home from Eden today and stopped at the famous Nimmitabel Pie Shop for lunch on the way. This pie shop is a regular breakfast stop for Pete, Andy and myself on our trips to Phillip Island and over the many trips we've made I'm yet to be quick enough to buy one of their Cornish Pasties... today was no different. As a consolation I ordered a Steak &  Bacon as well as a Steak & Mushroom pie for lunch, they were good as always, but they weren't Cornish Pasties.

After we ate, Jenna insisted that we go look at the Elephant next door to the Bakery, it had been years since I'd actually stopped and looked at the little park they've made (last time was also at Jenna's insistence some years ago) and I'd forgotten about the other little sculptures they had. Today's photo is.... well I'm not really sure what it is but I thought it made an interesting picture.

If I'd been able to buy a Cornish Pastie for lunch I'd have taken a photo of that... one day, I'll get that Cornish Pastie from the Nimmitabel Bakery and when it finally happens I'll feel obliged to blog it.

Now there's a goal for me this year: Get Pastie, Eat, Blog.

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