Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28: Dark Detailing Delivers Dividends

Braving the mozzies last night really paid off. The Lancer has found a new home with Luke who bought it without rego (I'll have to cancel that on Monday) and towed it back to Sydney this morning.

Some of the things I'll miss about the Lancer:
1. The incredible acceleration that tries very hard to shove you into the back seat.
2. The unnatural ability to drive through corners at warp speed with absolute confidence that it will just go where it's been pointed as only an Evo can.
3. Having children in the yard at Henry's daycare yell out 'HEY MISTER YOU HAVE A COOL CAR!!"

Some of the things I won't miss about the Lancer
1. The rock hard suspension combined with rock hard seats.
2. The speeding fines
3. The attention from every bogan in a hotted up commodore who wants to drag you off at the lights

As it turns out I might get to see it again as the Lancer's new home is only a suburb away from Belinda's parents. Small world hey?

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