Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30: Belinda's New Beast

Today we completed one of the quickest car purchases I've been involved in. With close to 7 years of my life dedicated to selling cars for a living I've certainly been involved in a few of these transactions.

We found the car on, arranged to view it, drove it, arranged for a quick mechanical check, performed a REVs check and then bought the car all in the space of roughly 28 hours from go to whoa. It was all very smooth and easy, apart from the free REVs check service being discontinued and replaced with the "Personal Property Securities Register" today... that's correct, it was switched over today and the system crashed. What are the odds? It all worked out in the end though, we had the check performed online for $3.70.

We'd been looking for something a little smaller and more economical for Belinda sporadically over the preceding month or so. For those who've been following this blog you may remember we test drove an Alfa 159 not that long ago. It was nice... although when we took it to an Alfa specialist for a quick look they did mention that they specialise in Alfa Romeo cars because they're a constant source of income. Sorry Dave.

I think we've made the right decision with the Mazda, it really is lovely to drive. It also has all the features one would want: Leather trim, cruise, abs, more airbags than you can poke a stick at, climate control, a really tidy MP3 input hidden away in the centre console and a premium Bose sound system. It's also been slightly lowered and has quite a nice set of aftermarket mag wheels that suit the car quite nicely.

I even got to drive it home tonight... but I'm sure that won't last.

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  1. You're still looking for a car aren't you... might be your chance to right a wrong ;-)