Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 23: Happy Chinese New Year

I had lunch with my friend Doris today (whom I work with and sometimes reads this blog) and as she's originally from Hong Kong we thought it fitting to have something asian inspired to celebrate Chinese New Year. We chose to dine at Bambusa, quite a nice little restaurant in Manuka that speacialises in Modern Asian Cuisine. Doris recommended the Tapas for lunch, which is what you can see in today's photo. It sounds weird I know, Tapas at an Asian restaurant, but I have to say it just works.

I got a little excited when the dish came out and ate half of what I think was a Yuba Cake (delicious!) before I remembered to snap a shot of the dish on my trusty iPhone.

I highly recommend the Chinese Tapas, it was all so yummy and the service was great too. I'll definitely be keeping Bambusa in mind next time Belinda and I manage to get a night off together... which might even be sooner than later with Daphne coming for a visit tomorrow! (I know my Mother in Law reads my blog... Subtle hey?)