Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 232: Googong Goodies

The good folk from the Googong development arranged a builders guild exhibition for today, it was a chance to see all the builders who are approved to build in the development in one place. We had a wander around and spoke to most of the builders, collected a bunch of business cards and left our details with those whose details we collected. I'm sure we'll be getting a few calls next week.

Upon arrival at the expo we were given a little Googong show bag that contained a few brochures and other things we didn't look at. The thing we did look at is the subject of my photo today: The little tin of Jelly Beans. We actually got 3 of these which can only be attributed to walking in with two kids - one each for the kids and the one in the show bag, kids really can be useful. The jelly beans are very yummy and are mostly gone already.

So, the highlight of the day was the Jelly Beans. I'm sure the Googong folk would be pleased to hear that.

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