Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day 239: So Long, Sofala

I don't know about the rest of the guys, but I woke up feeling a little dusty this morning. We had an early start with a full day ahead of us and the guys from Sunny Corner Trail Tours kicked it off for us with hot coffee and Egg & Bacon Rolls hot off the BBQ, these guys are brilliant. The breakfast was just what the doctor ordered, I was feeling much better and ready to tackle the trails our guides were about to inflict on us. There was talk of Mt Horrible which had a few of us a little concerned, but that was due later in the day.

The ride was, for the most part, fairly gentle today. Even Mount Horrible wasn't that bad, although there were a few who didn't make it up first go and a few others who either walked or were doubled on the back of one of our guides bikes while someone else rode their bike to the top. I made it on my second attempt, my mistake was attempting it in 3rd gear. I just wasn't going fast enough to keep the revs in the power range in 3rd, but in 2nd it was a great climb that I enjoyed. One of the guys made it most of the way to the top, he was had a few hundred meters to go when his chain snapped. It was still very steep where it broke but between 5 of us we were able to push it up the remainder of the hill taking a few breathers on the way. I think we were all glad the chain broke on a small 250cc bike and not one of the heavier 450cc or >500cc bikes.

Eventually we made our way back to Wallerawang and packed the bikes away in the cellar again. Then it was back into the pub for an end of the tour celebration, the pub had put on a roast for us and we all had a few helpings along with many beers. The evening then took on a life of its own when someone brought out a round of shots... I don't remember who started it, but I do remember continuing on with it and then laughing with the guys before collapsing into bed that the publican would think he'd been robbed when he came in tomorrow because the entire top shelf was missing... at least he'd think he'd been robbed until he looked in the till.

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