Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 233: A Little Worn

I bought new rear pads for the Husky to day and chucked them in this afternoon... I noticed they were 'a little worn' on Saturday arvo when I was refitting the rear wheel after having a new tyre fitted. It's safe to say that 'a little' was quite the understatement, the green one on the left is down to the metal backing plate in the top left corner as it sits in the photo and the other was down to what I'm estimating is a little under 1mm. Oops. I'm sure Pete will try to rib me for lack of maintenance on this... I'll just have to refer him to his throttle cable.

I'll have to fit the front pads another night during the week, and I also need to re-oil my air filter and attach my rego label. After all that the Dirty Husky will be ready for the trek Sunny Corner on Friday and two days of riding through some spectacular bush. Last time I did this two day ride I came home with 6 stitches in my chin, I'll be doing my best to avoid anything similar this time.

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