Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 216: Happy Birthday To Me

Andy, Pete and I left my place just after 7 this morning for our ride to Melbourne to watch the footy, celebrate my birthday and go on a little debt collecting mission.

The ride down was cold enough for us all to put on an extra pair of socks at our first stop in Bombala. After that it was a little more comfortable and Andy took us on some great roads, until Pete broke his throttle cable somewhere between Maffra and Heyfield. He was able to limp it in to Heyfield using the fast idle (normally used like a choke when the bike is cold) where we left it in the care of the local hardware store/Suzuki dealer.

Eventually we made it to Pete's sister's place in Fitzroy where we were welcomed with some pre footy beers. Andy slapped a Hawks hat on my head and we were pretty much ready to catch the tram in to the MCG. What an experience and what a game, for my first time at the MCG and my first game of AFL I don't think we could have had a more exciting game. The Hawks let the Cats get off to a strong lead in the first quarter and then fought their way back to be in front by a few points in the fourth, unfortunately the Cats had one last kick at goal on the full time siren and didn't miss giving them the win by 2 points.

Despite the loss we were still in good spirits (the beers may have helped with that) so we Trammed it back in to Fitzroy for Pizza and a glass of wine before retiring back to Pete's sister's place for the night.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my birthday.

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