Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day 220: Local Landmark 5

As I was leaving Civic this afternoon I noticed the Captain Cook Water Jet was on so I pulled in for a quick photo. After taking a couple of pictures I realised I didn't know much about it apart from its name.

Once again I was forced to resort to Google and I found lots of info on it, these are the bits that I found interesting:
- The Jet is run by two pumps that can pump 250 litres of water every second.
- There are two nozzles that direct the water into the air
- One nozzle is for when both pumps are running, this one shoots the water up to 147 meters into the air
- The other nozzle is for when only one pump is running and this one shoots water 110 meters high
- When the water leaves the main nozzle it's traveling at 260 kilometers per hour
- While the jet is in operation there is approximately 3 tonnes of water in the air at one time while one pump is running and 6 tonnes while both are running.

Wow, pretty cool hey?

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