Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 219: Fork 'n Mess

Pete noticed that my forks were leaking oil on Saturday after we'd put his bike back together and were about to head off for our next stop. Both sides had a fair bit of oil on them which would explain why the front felt a little mushy. Unfortunately there's very little you can do about leaking fork seals when you're a long way from home, so I had to keep riding as they were.

At every stop on Sunday I was keeping an eye on them but when I got home I had a proper look. The photo above is what I found: Fork oil all over the brake calipers and lower fork leg, it had also sprayed up onto the lower fairing a bit too. You'd think that with all that oil on the brakes they wouldn't work very well but the only real difference I felt was in the initial application, they just didn't bite like the did before, other than that they still felt pretty good. Looks like I'll be making another appointment with Laurie 'Suspension' Smith in the next week or so.

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