Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 226: Skippy

I was so happy about having my Camera to use again that I took a bit of a drive down to Tharwa via Point Hut Crossing this afternoon in the hope of taking a decent photo. I stopped off for a look around at the Tharwa bridge and as I was heading back to the road from the little car park at the bridge I spotted these 3 and pulled over for a few happy snaps.

They were only about 10 meters away and the big one looking directly at me was huge. I reckon he would have been at least 6 feet tall when standing up, probably even taller. His eyes never left me the whole time I was there taking photos either.

The picture is a little grainy because the light wasn't great, it was a little after 5:30 when I took this photo and the sun was well on its way behind the hills. Still better than what it would have looked like on the old Canon I was using until I got the Nikon and I won't even mention the iPhone...

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