Thursday, 30 August 2012

Day 243: Sick Day

Henry was sent home early from Day Care yesterday afternoon with quite a high temperature, we took him straight to the Doctor and were told to keep him home for the next two days and bring him back on Monday to see how the Antibiotics were working.

He was far from his normal self today, until he talked me into taking him outside. Now, when I say 'talked me into' I really mean he stood at the back door with tears in his eyes crying 'ousside! ousside! ousside!' until I caved in. It wasn't very warm out and normally Monkey and Bear stay inside, but today Henry insisted that they come outside with us. All three of them had a few runs on the slide and Henry was finally smiling, he was even helping Monkey and Bear climb the ladder of the slide.

After only a little while outside I had to pull the pin and drag Henry, Monkey and Bear back inside. The cold was making Henry's nose run like a tap and with that, my reprieve from the grizzles was gone... at least for a while. Eventually, after Henry had calmed down, we had a nice, quiet day at home together.

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