Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 224: Not So Local Landmark

After a full day in a small conference room at the Novotel we were shipped off to Circular Quay to catch our Captain Cooks Cruise Dinner vessel. There weather has been very windy all day with rain on and off, it's not really the weather you'd hope for on a dinner cruise. At least it's not cold out here by Canberra standards.

The dinner wasn't what you'd call spectacular but I guess these cruises are more about the views than the food. As we were cruising about I had my photo responsibilities fresh in my mind after last nights last minute view from the hotel room, each time we passed anything of interest I'd dash up onto the roof, sometimes into the rain, to grab an iPhone photo. Most of them were crap because the light was obviously low and most of the photo opportunities were a long way in the distance. These are things the iPhone doesn't cope well with. Then we passed Luna Park quite closely so headed out into the rain again and I managed to grab this photo as well as a couple of the Harbour Bridge. I liked this one the best so this is my photo for today.

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