Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 218: Bonus Day

Apart from Pete getting a new throttle cable yesterday, another good thing came out of his breakdown: We were delayed long enough that there was no way we'd be able to make it home in the remainder of the day.

This is good because it meant we had an excuse to spend the night in Marlo on the way home and we could extend our trip back to include stopping in Cann River for Breakfast, taking the Imlay Road toward Eden and the up to Bombala through Wyndham and Cathcart. From Bombala it was a pretty uneventful ride in to Cooma and then the boring stretch back to Canberra.

My photo today was taken out the front of the cabin we stayed in at the Marlo Caravan Park, we were just about to head off and it was looking like the weather would be good to us. It was a good day weather wise... until we got to Cathcart where the wind stated to pick up and by the time we rode through Bombala it was cold and blowing a gale.

I was glad to get home at around lunch time and out of the cold, I didn't have that much unpacking to do because I was wearing most of it. I think I counted 8 layers on top which wasn't counting my Dri-Rider Jacket or the one piece rain suit that I was wearing to keep the wind out. What a great couple of days.

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