Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 241: All Tuckered Out

I picked Henry up from Day Care this afternoon and he seemed a little tired, instead of his normal big smile and funny little run over to meet me he just kind of stood up and strolled over for a cuddle.

From Day Care we headed to Jenna's place to pick her up for the night and barely 5 minutes up the road I looked back and he was asleep. He stirred a little when picking Jenna up but was fast asleep again in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately I had to buy some stuff for dinner tonight on the way home which required a stop off at the Calwell Woolies with the kids. I would normally have just taken them in to help with the groceries, but instead of waking Henry up I left him in Jenna's care, locked in the car.

Today's photo was taken with the iPhone before I hurried into Woolies, I thought it was cute how he had flaked out with his sunnies on.

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  1. Poor little man. It must have been the beginning of his illness this week. He sure loves his sunnies :)!