Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 141: May Task - Something You Can't Live Without

I'm getting all literal again in response to today's subject. Something you can't live without is Birthdays; not because you get cool presents, not because you get birthday cake with a few candles like in my photo and not because you get pampered for the day. The main reason you can't live without Birthdays is because when you stop having them, well it really means you're no longer living.

It just happened to be Daphne's Birthday today and my photo is of the cake that David and I decorated to mark the event. We were only a few candles short of having one for each of Daphne's years but we figured that with this many she probably wouldn't notice. It took a while to light all the candles, despite working in unison with a butane BBQ lighter each. The effect was pretty impressive and I'm pretty sure the effort was appreciated. I should also congratulate Daphne on her lung capacity, she managed to blow every last one of the candles out in one breath... the cloud of smoke afterward was something the behold.

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  1. I surprised myself blowing them all out in one go!