Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 144: May Task - Technology

This is a fantastic little piece of Technology. As the label says, it's a Quickshifter which for those not in the know allows me to move up through the gears of my race bike without using the clutch or backing off the throttle. Essentially it's a pressure switch that senses when I apply pressure to the gear lever to change up to the next gear, when it senses the pressure it cuts the ignition for a little bit less than a second which unloads the gearbox long enough for the next gear to be selected.

The Quickshifter is great... when it's not broken. This one broke at my last track day which meant I had to remove it and adjust the gear lever so I could still use it, but I had to use the clutch.

I'm now in the process of trying to source a replacement, these little doohickeys are quite expensive when bought locally but substantial savings can be made by buying from the UK or US. So I'm enjoying another of my favourite pastimes: eBaying/Online Shopping.

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