Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 126: May Task - Bird

Bird, Bird, Bird: Bird is the word.... If you get that tune into your head, I wish you good luck getting it back out again.

Today's subject was the word 'Bird' and again I thought I'd struggle trying to snap a decent photo with my old hand-me-down Canon, particularly if I was trying to capture an image of a real live bird. There are moves being made to rectify this situation, stay tuned.

Instead of aiming for something with feathers, a beak and a penchant for pooping on my car, I tried thinking a little laterally: My image involving the word 'Bird' for today is my skateboard which is in great condition largely due to its lack of use. Regardless I really like my skateboard and I'm happy that Tony Hawk put his name to my deck via his company, Birdhouse, which meets today's brief twofold with reference to a bird being 'Hawk' and the word itself in the company name 'Birdhouse'.

As far as I'm concerned: Mission Accomplished.

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