Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 140 : May Task - A Favourite Place

Eastern Creek has been one of my favourite places for a long time now, I've raced it in its old configuration on 2 and 4 wheels and have done more track days there on the bike than I can recall. The proximity of Eastern Creek to Canberra is probably the deciding factor for me that makes it my favourite, if Philip Island was closer it would probably take the gong.

The track itself has been undergoing a transformation over the last 18 months and it's now got a new section that has added a tighter, more technical section to it. They've also renamed it (very imaginatively I might add) Sydney Motorsport Park.

I'm yet to experience the full 'new' circuit so I'll reserve judgement on it until I've had a chance to sample it for myself. Despite the rubbish new name, I'm sure it will still be one of my favourite tracks to ride.

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