Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 131: May Task - A Favourite Word

I'm staying at Wakefield Park tonight so I'm fresh for a full day of riding my bike around the race track tomorrow. This is convenient for today's photo because one of my favourite words appears on a t-shirt I received upon my arrival this afternoon.

My double bunger word appeared on the t-shirt because it's part of the package organised by Mark (mentioned previously in Day 99's post) for around 60 odd members of the Canberra Riders internet forum thingy that I'm also a member of.

To me, it's pretty obvious why I like the word so much but not everyone understands the appeal. For me it means that I get to ride my bike as fast as I can without having to worry about legalities, traffic, wildlife (apart from the geese and turtles at Philip Island) or whether there will be gravel or oil or anything else on the next corner that shouldn't be there. Apart from the 'speeding with as much safety as possible' aspect of track-days, they're also an opportunity to practice my riding skills and try to improve for my next race... whenever that may be.

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