Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 135: May Task - Grass

Today' subject is grass so I took a quick drive during my lunch break to stop on the side of the Monaro Highway and find some grass in the Canturf paddock. The Canturf signs are changed from time to time and the slogan is usually a clever, or obscure, play on the words relating to grass. I don't drive past here all that often anymore and when I do it's usually dark, but I noticed a while ago that the signs had taken to political commentary. I guess that's fair enough considering the location of the business.

I chose this sign over the other one which read "It's Greener than Brown" purely because the grass was more lush behind this sign and even though the grass is always greener with SnapSeed... it wasn't much 'Greener than Brown' at all. The other sign would have been better if today's subject was Irony.

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