Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 139: May Task - Something You Made

I made these. Some a long time ago, some an even longer time ago. I don't do much with wood anymore but one day when I'm too old to enjoy my current hobbies I'll probably pick the habit up again.

The vase was turned on my lathe that is now in use at my brother Dan's place about 12 or 13 years ago... maybe more, it's the newest of the four items. The block of wood was given to me by my mum, I think it was an old fence post. I left the base square so you could see the aged edges on the wood in contrast to the smooth shaped part that highlights the grain of the wood that was previously hidden.

The bowl was started at the end of high school on one of the school lathes and completed about a year later on a lathe that my brother Dion made in year 10 metalwork. I used two different types of wood that were cut and then glued before turning, I don't remember what the dark wood is but the light wood was the staple of high school woodwork: Pine.

The toy car was another high school project, I gave it some seriously fat wheels at the front and went even fatter at the back, I also made sure it was lowered at the front to give it a more aggressive stance.

The knife was also from high school woodwork, the brief was to make a butter knife. Mine turned out to be more of a butter machete. I started by turning the handle and then cutting the shape of the blade using the band saw. I then spent hours sanding the blade into the final shape, during the sanding process I managed to hone the blade to the point that the wood would cut paper about as well as a decent steak knife. I received good marks for it too.

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