Monday, 29 October 2012

Day 303: Night Time Photography?

I decided to take some photos on my way home from OzTag tonight, we had an 8:30 game so it was pretty dark when I left Kippax. My photo tonight is on the Coppins Crossing Road about half way along heading toward the Stromlo end and it was actually very dark when I took it.

The moon was pretty full and in the photos I took tonight it ended up looking like the sun, in this one the only give away that it was actually taken at night are the orange lights you can see on the left side of  horizon. I'm not really sure what the lights are though, I'm thinking they must be the lights of either the lights of the Gungahlin Drive Extension or maybe William Hovell Drive because I'm pretty sure that Black Mountain Tower (Telstra Tower) is behind the trees that are behind my car. Either way, without those lights it would be easy to mistake this for an under exposed daytime photo.

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