Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day 292: Swimming Lessons

Henry had his first swimming lesson this afternoon and Jenna came to watch. It was funny how watching quickly turned into joining in when Henry's lesson had finished, the funny bit being that Jenna didn't have her swimmers with her. This didn't present too much of an issue once she'd negotiated permission to just jump in with her singlet & shorts on.

It was great to see Henry enjoying his swimming lesson but he saved the real excitement for when 'Naa' joined in. Not sure if I've mentioned Jenna's new nickname before, but Henry has taken to calling her 'Naa' which I guess is the either lazy or just plain cute. I'm leaning toward cute because it's the last syllable of Jenna's name and he says it with so much energy, even Belinda and I have started using Jenna's new moniker.

Taking photos at the pool isn't that easy, the light always seems to be from the wrong angle and because it's not great light I need to use a slower shutter speed which isn't great catching the kids splashing about. Today's photo was a fairly still moment between Jenna and Henry. I didn't notice it when I took the photo, but I really like how Henry's holding on to Jenna's shoulder to steady himself in the toddler pool. I really do have great kids.

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