Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Day 297: Vino Mofo

I stumbled across an online wine distributer called Vino Mofo a while ago and signed up to their daily specials email communiqué. They always seem to have really good wine at really good prices but I just never got around to ordering anything from them, until they resorted to bribery that is.

About a week ago they sent me another email saying that whilst I'd signed up for the daily specials I hadn't yet purchased anything, and to encourage me to take advantage of their great wine at great prices they would bribe me with $20 off any of their specials. I have to commend them for their marketing skills, it worked. The wine I bought has a retail price of $30 per bottle at your local bottle shop, in a restaurant this would be closer to $40 a bottle. The Vino Mofo price was $15 per bottle but with my extra discount it came down to just over $13 each, now that's good buying! Have I mentioned that I love a bargain?

So the obvious question now is: was the wine any good? The answer: YES. The 2009 Oakdene Chardonnay is exactly to my taste. Now I'll need to try to show some restraint and not drink it all over the next few days... Maybe I should hide some so I'm not tempted.

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