Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day 294: Aunty Erin's Birthday

We had a bit of a celebration this evening for Erin's birthday, it was all arranged by my brother Dan who cleverly tricked Erin in to thinking she'd have an evening without the kids only to surprise her with a birthday party that included pretty much the whole family.

While we were waiting for Dan to show up with Erin, who was blissfully unaware that we were all waiting for her, we had a bit of fun watching Henry play with his cousin Kinzie. They don't see each other all that often but they still manage to get along quite well, today they had a great time playing in and around the cubby house. I managed to snap this photo of the two playing what you could only describe as peek-a-boo, just without the actual 'Peek-a-boo!!' part being verbalised.

There was however lots of giggling as they flung open the doors and windows to spy each other through the openings... actually, now that I think about it, some of that giggling may have come from me as I watched the kids getting on like the proverbial house on fire.

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