Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 288: Good Sleep?

I've copied my wife again and tried a sleep measuring app for the iPhone, Belinda paid a whole dollar for hers but mine was a freebie. I gave it a go tonight and this is what I've found: I went to bed just before 1am, didn't get to sleep until just before 2am, apparently woke again a bit before 5am after around an hour of 'light' sleep and close to 2 hours of 'deep' sleep before being woken at 7am by the alarm that I'd set for 7:30am. This, according to my sleep app, equates to an 82% efficient night's rest. I beg to differ, my night's rest felt much less efficient.

The theory behind these apps is that you go through cycles in your sleep, from light sleep to deep sleep and that it's better to be woken during a light sleep period because you will feel more refreshed than if woken from a deep sleep. This explains the alarm going off half an hour earlier than what I'd set it for, apparently at 7am I was coming into a light sleep cycle whereas at 7:30 I would have been in a deep sleep. I'm still not sold on the idea... and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure that having my night's sleep mapped out so I can see exactly how crap it was is really doing me any favours.

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