Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 279: The End Result

During the week while Belinda has been on school holidays, she and her parents began painting the house. I was a little busy on the public holiday Monday and had to work the remaining four days so unfortunately I wasn't able to help... which is probably a good thing because I hate painting and I'm also not very good at it. I lack the patience to make a decent job of it.

The trade off for getting out of this particular chore was to clean the roof gutters (a job that hasn't been done since Henry was born) and also to remove, paint and re-install the bifold doors between Jenna & Henry's rooms. painting but at least it won't require so much finesse as is required when trying to avoid roller marks on the cornice or paint on the window frames.

I have to say that Belinda and her folks did a great job, I will also take the opportunity to thank them both for coming down to lend a very much appreciated hand.

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