Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Day 283: Playing Cards

Tonight Jenna brought over some cards to play with Henry, it didn't take long for him to get the hang of taking turns to flip over two cards to see if they matched but he did like returning to the same cards that he chose last time. With a little help he started to get used to picking different cards and when he found a pair he'd yell out "Same!".

It's funny how little kids don't have any volume control when they're playing, everything is yelled rather than said. Henry is the same, his volume dial seems to get stuck at 11 when he's caught up in a game, just plain excited or he's saying (yelling) "Hello!" after bath time.

The post bath "HELLO!" has become a funny little ritual, it started before daylight savings when it was already dark by the time we'd finish bathing Henry. Once we have Henry out of the bath he turns off the lights and we both say "Oh no! Too dark! I can't see, where's Henry?" as we walk from the dark hall into the kitchen where the lights are on and this is when Henry's volume hits 11 and he yells out "HELLO!!!!". The funny thing is that now it's light until well after bath time he still yells out "Hello!" as we enter the kitchen.

I digress. Back to today's photo. Henry and Jenna played memory games tonight and I really enjoyed watching Jenna teach Henry a new game. I'm sure I've said this before and I'm sure I'll have occasion to say it again: I'm a very proud dad and I love how Jenna and Henry play so well together.

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