Monday, 8 October 2012

Day 282: Trailer Treats

Today was my second Monday off in a row; we get a bit lucky in Canberra every so often and we end up with two consecutive four day weeks. I spent this Monday off repaying the debt I incurred by going out on the dirt bike last Monday while Belinda and her parents painted the house. Pretty good deal hey?

My repayment involved removing the bifold doors between Jenna's and Henry's rooms, giving them a couple of coats of paint and re-hanging them. This little chore took almost the full day and between coats I got a little hungry so I fixed myself a bit of a snack to gnaw on.

The weather wasn't great today so I had to do the painting in the garage which wasn't such a bad thing as I was able to keep my snacks within easy reach and away from the dogs by using the trailer as a table.

I love my trailer, it's been so handy for so many purposes; it carts gardening stuff around, has helped us move house, regularly shifts bikes to and from various places including the track, the forrest and the shops that service them, it's a great place to rest your beer after a ride and today I used one end of it to rest the bifold doors on while the other ends were on a plank between two ladders and also made use of it as a handy little table for my snacks. Is there nothing this trailer can't do?

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