Saturday, 29 September 2012

Day 273: Footy Finals

I headed out to Andy's place this arvo to watch the AFL Grand Final. It's not something I would have done previously but after Andy & Pete took me to watch the Hawks play at the MCG, I've had lot more interest in this historically Victorian game.

Now looking at todays photo you might think that the Hawks had won. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, they were beaten by the Swans in a pretty exciting game that saw the lead change a number of times. The Hawks also lost when the guys took me to watch them at the MCG... I'm wondering whether Pete & Andy will invite me to watch another game with them after this, it could be construed that I'm bad luck based on the two losses from the two games that I've watched with them. We'll see what happens next season.

My photo today was taken after the game, and a few drinks, in Andy's kitchen where we were preparing dinner. Andy had cranked up the volume on one of his playlists which lead to dinner preparation being interrupted with bouts of dancing around the kitchen that could only be described as exuberant, energetic and maybe a little inebriated. I have to give it to these guys, even after watching their team lose the grand final they partied like they'd won. We all had a great time despite the wrong team got up.

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