Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day 253: Lanyon Laziness

After a substantial sleep in Belinda suggested we take Henry and Daphne down to Lanyon Homestead for an afternoon coffee. I hadn't been there before so didn't really now what to expect, what I found was a little cafe that opens onto a big paddock. Henry had great fun running around in all that open space while we were waiting for our coffee, which wasn't bad even if it did take a long time to make its way out to our table.

Today's photo of Henry was taken at maximum zoom with the sun behind him and I'm still getting used to which settings work best in which conditions, this one worked ok but it's a little grainy. I still wanted to use it because it's just so Henry, he was having so much fun and you can see it written all over his cheeky little face.

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