Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 268: The Shoe Coffin

For some years I've had a large box full of old shoes. The box itself originally contained the full aftermarket exhaust system I bought for my WRX, which is 3 cars ago now. Belinda named it the shoe coffin due to its size and it has been one of her pet hates from the time I decided to re-purpose the box for storing my old shoes.

Tonight, we dragged the box out and opened it up. It was a bit like opening a time capsule, I found things I'd completely forgotten about like an old pair of snow boarding boots, my old sprinting spikes and some hotel slippers that found their way into my suitcase prior to checkout.

Of all the pairs of shoes, thongs, boots and slippers in there I only salvaged 3 pairs. The rest really weren't worth keeping. Now I need to get around to disposing of both the enormous box and its remaining contents...

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