Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 251: Daydream Dusk

After a full morning packed with corporate team building type stuff focussed on collaboration, lateral thinking, resourcefulness and a weird pirate/survivor theme, work put on a great lunch and gave us the afternoon to ourselves.

I spent most of my afternoon underwater on my first ever Scuba Dive, it was fantastic. Being my first time I had some extra briefing before getting into the water and also some extra attention while in the water. As we waded in, I was shown how to clear water from my goggles while still underwater and also how to blow any water out of the mouth piece (I'm sure it has a proper name...) just in case it came out of my mouth. Then there was the dive where I had to hold hands with the pretty Swedish girl who was there to make sure I was OK 10 meters under the surface. The visibility was around 5 meters (another reason I had to hold hands with the dive instructor) so a lot of the fish were only shadows until you got up close to them and could see them in their full colour, there were a lot of them too. Most of them would have made a decent meal too, I was surprised at how many and how large the fish were just off the shore in the coral at this end of the island.

My photo today was taken after the dive, a few quiet beers and a wander around the island. It was taken from the rocky bay that we waded into for the Scuba Dive. I took a bunch of these, playing with the settings on the camera but I chose this one because I managed to capture a seabird flying above the sun. This was, of course, pure and unadulterated fluke.

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