Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day 245: September Selfie

Being the first day of the month, I decided I'd join up with Belinda and her mates and take an extra photo a day for their September Photo-a-Day list. Today's subject was 'Me, Now' so I took this self portrait sitting in my favourite corner of the lounge. The 'Me, Now' subject for the first day of the month ties in with the 'Me, Then' subject for the last day. I'm still thinking about what to do for that one. At least of got the rest of the month to come up with something.

Unfortunately it's the only photo I took today so I now have to use it for my blog as well... I may end up using more photos from September's list for the blog but I'll be trying to avoid it most of the time. The main reason being that the last time I did a list of set subjects for the month (that was for the month of May) I didn't really enjoy being locked in to that particular day's subject, it kind of stifled the opportunity to post up those interesting things that you stumble upon from time to time.

Anyway, today's photo should be the first and last self portrait for this project 366.

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