Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 257: Big Buddha

After a full day cooped up in a conference with about 40 colleagues from all over the country, one of the guys from Melbourne suggested the few of us staying at the same hotel should head out for some dinner. The night started out at Chinta Ria for an impressive feed for relatively little money, a good sign.

From there a group decision was made to head off to some trendy bar called Ivy for a quick cleansing ale before retiring to the hotel. This plan was fine for a while and it was just as well we'd all had a cheap dinner because the drinks at Ivy weren't, the roof top pool bar was pretty spectacular though. Before leaving Ivy a few of our group headed back to the hotel, the rest of us stayed for one more round before walking back.

Along the way we thought it was a good move to stop in at another trendy bar called Establishment, it was on the way after all and the walking we were doing was thirsty work. Some time around 2am the few of us who remained decided that considering we had the start of another full day of conference to contend with in around 6 hours, we should probably call it the last round and head back to the hotel. Not such a good sign.

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