Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day 262: Ellie Potter

I made an impulse purchase while we were at the Canberra Centre on Sunday and thought this toy would keep me entertained for a while. Unfortunately Henry decided that I must have bought it for him and he insisted on carrying it for the rest of the day in its box with the little plastic handle like it was some kind of briefcase. I had to hide it when we got home for fear of Henry working out how to open the box and then trashing the toy before I'd had a chance to play with it. He hasn't learned 'Gentle' very well yet.

Jenna was very keen to see it fly tonight so I charged it up and had a little go after Henry's bath. This, in hindsight, was a mistake. The only way I can describe henry's reaction to the Helicopter in flight is to call it Hyperactive Astonishment. He went into a frenzy yelling out "ELLIE-POTTER" while running around in circles all the while not letting his eyes leave the toy as it flew around the lounge room. He became even more amazed when I managed to skillfully land the helicopter on Jenna's hands.

The trouble with this toy is that the little rechargeable battery in it only lasts for around 10 minutes of flying. Flat batteries, very much like the concept of 'Gentle', are a phenomenon that Henry doesn't quite get yet. Henry was quite upset as he sobbed "My Ellie-Potter" over and over again which wasn't a lot of fun just before bed time.

A new rule had been intorduced in our house: No Ellie Potters between bath time and bedtime.

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