Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 212: Good Guests Gone

It's so nice to have the house back to normal after a weekend that saw the population of our home swell from 3 to 9. I do like having people come and stay, it's always fun and usually involves lots of good food and wine, this weekend was no exception. Having so many people in the house has really made us appreciate how much easier this kind of event will be in our new house, but Googong still seems so far away.

My title today, aside from the alliteration that I like to use, is also deliberately devoid of punctuation. I love how a strategically placed comma can change the tone of a sentence: Did I mean 'Good, Guests Gone' or 'Good Guests, Gone'? Maybe I meant both.

Todays photo is the empty guest room, I chose this because both nights that we had guests this weekend Henry ended up in our bed. When the guest room isn't occupied and Henry is having a rough night, Belinda will often curl up in there with Henry to settle him. This is a necessity if either of us want to at least have a little sleep, here's hoping that we don't need to resort to using the guest room tonight.

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